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“I’m not like Sarkodie, if you bring beef I’ll respond!”.- Strongman

Strongman has made an intriguing comment in an interview with Muse Africa. Touching on the subject of originality and ingenuity in the Ghanaian music space, Strongman believes that its only originality that set his brand apart from his boss, Sarkodie.

To Strongman, the fact that he liked and admired Sarkodie does mean he should have been like Sarkodie during his time with the Sarkcess music label. He added that contrary to Sarkodie, he has no problem at all replying to diss songs from other artists.

I’m not like sarkodie, if you bring beef I’ll respond!

Strongman emphasized that for someone like Sarkodie, because of the brand and image he has built he hardly gets involved in beef, and even when he does it’s not as crazy or “dirty” as some do it. But for him, he has no problem doing that at all.

It can also be recalled that, soon after Strongman left the Sarkcess music label, he got into a very big beef with medical which earned him some fans, money, attention, and later a record with Medikal titled Bossu.

Watch full interview here:

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