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Darkovibes, Kwesi Arthur and Joey B get entangled in a love web in a new video for ‘Confirmed’

Darkovibes finds himself dabbled in an entanglement in the official visuals for ‘Confirmed’ which features Joey B and Kwesi Arthur.

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It’s been four months since Darkovibes released his debut album, “Kpanlogo”, which was set to be one of Ghana’s hottest albums of 2020.

Darkovibes, Kwesi Arthur and Joey B get entangled in a love web in a new video for ‘Confirmed’

It delivered on expectations by racking up over a million streams worldwide on all reputable digital outlets.

His visuals weren’t a slouch either, with single, ‘Inna Song’ netting the above milestone on YouTube.

The La Même Gang rockstar looks to put out new music as he recently announced a deluxe edition for the album in tandem with visuals for ‘Confirmed’.

Shot by David Duncan, the video depicts Darkovibes’ lover playing a wild heart-hurting game with both guest artists on the song.


With shots capturing bright natural environments, to fizzy dance moves from Darkovibes, the video starts with Kwesi Arthur crooning by a bonfire/camp set up, laying his frustrations on the production, on a smooth late-night drive.

Joey B also gets entangled in the love web, before finding out her affair with other artists in the song.

Darkovibes performs his verse with his presumed lover looking squeaky clean in a zebra stripped outfit, actively dancing in scenes which transition from a hill top and construction site, to a bedroom where she’s captured in some lingerie.

The variety captured in the video help give off a buoyant and pleasant aesthetic, amid top-notch color grading.

Visuals for ‘Confirmed’ are daring, flirty, and super immersive, with excellent storytelling at its helm courtesy of its solid acting and tasteful editing. It is simply a must-watch!

Watch Darkovibes Confirmed

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