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Is Bullet Defending Ebony’s Throne From Tiisha?


Ghana’s social media trends saw a new subject to mean comments either their usual ‘darling girl’ Wendy Shay. Tiisha, who is the newest addition to the Zylofon music family made an interesting post which did not only shake social media, but seem to shake some camps and stalwarts in the Ghanaian music space.

Posting a beautiful photo of her in a throne, Tiisha Captioned “Real queen is back! Taking back my thrown !”

Surely, social media and other blogs have done justice to the typographical error in the post which accounted for she being in the trends. Lets take a look at the message she was trying to send across “Real queen is back! Taking back my thrown !”

For those who havent noticed yet, Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay has for sometime now been parading with the self acclaimed title “Queen of Ghana music”. While most people do not support that new attribute or title, others believe she’s worked hard enough in the past two years to be able to wear such a crown in spite of all the women doing amazingly well in the Ghanaian music industry.

The real Queen by Tiisha now begs the question, is Wendy not the real queen, or Tiisha is the usurper?

the is back part of her tweet is where others do not understand and maybe where Bullet fits in perfectly. “Is back” from where? was she ever here? when did she leave?

This goes a long way to confirm perceptions of people about Tiisha trying to copy or replace the late Ebony of the Rufftown Record label. Because she is the queen who has left and aside having her voice and some mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of that Queen, makes sense of the copy or impersonator comes to say she is back. Or maybe not!

Bullet, boss of Rufftown records who produced these twob Queens being threatened by Tiisha’s post has made an interesting post on his instagram account to those trying to “replace the Queen”. He posted:

Every day, I receive tons of messages and music from various female artists who desire to be signed unto my label but it is always hard for me to comprehend because they all sound like my precious Queen, Ebony Reigns.
I know and can categorically state that no one can replace Ebony Reigns, so, it is always hard for me to sign them.
Remember I
never mentioned anywhere that I wanted to replace Ebony reigns, not even when I was introducing the current reigning queen of Ghana music @wendyshayofficial because ebony is irreplaceable. Ebony is like Bob Marley, Tupac and Michael Jackson. She is irreplaceable. She is the first female artist of the year and she is still the artiste of the year even after her demise. It has been almost 3 years, y’all not scared of such an icon. This is free advice to all young upcoming female artistes, everyone can take inspiration from Ebony but never try to talk or sound like her. Originality is supreme. Long live the queen, Ebony reigns forever.

Tiisha responding to this post from the boss of the label recalled that

It’s been an interesting journey coming from where I was to the throne now 👸🏼. Music has always been my rock and God being so good has taken me from people who couldn’t appreciate my craft and ethic and given me a better team committed to making what I love, good music.

Tiisha emphasised that:

I’ve been inspired by several artists and styles, not just one person, which has made me who I am today. Inspiration is a non-stop song that we all have verses on and as much as I have been inspired by great people before me, so will MY GREATNESS inspire the next generation. Thank you all so much for being my fans and for giving me the inspiration to create. My next project is dedicated to all Ghanaian music lovers! Forget the one-way haters, it’s Tiisha Time ❤️.
TTribe you ready? #TiishaRules.


Do you think Bullet and some Ghanaians are overreacting to this Tiisha “thrown” comment or are really onto something?

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