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Joint 77 Sends a Message to Pope Skinny About Already Video

Joint 77 has in a video post replied Pope Skinny on his recent rant on social media since Beyonce and Shatta Wale’s already video dropped.

According to Pope Skinny, contrary to what people think, Shatta Wale never met Beyonce and it was all fake. As Ghanaians and some fans of Shatta Wale are lashing him on social media for his comments on the video, the former Militant of Shatta Wale, who was recently in the news having back and forth with Shatta Wale has come to the defense of his boss.

Pope Skinny

Sending a strong message to Joint 77, asked his ‘brother’ Pope Skinny to stop the hate and just congratulate Shatta Wale for what he has attained.

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