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Shatta Wale, An Altruistic King Already

Ghana’s music industry has attained incredible recognition over the years with Ghanaian artists featuring world stars, to Ghanaians playing international shows or festivals to making international charts.

However, Beyonce featuring Ghana’s own award-winning reggae/ dancehall artists has hit it a notch higher. The Already video which seems like a myth to most people especially Ghanaians in Shatta Wale’s rivalry camps have had to bow their heads in shame or publicly profess that Shatta Wale is King soon after the video dropped on the 31st of July 2020.

While everyone is congratulating Shatta Wale for the milestone in his career, one thing that is worth applauding was the how Shatta wale consistently lifted the Ghana flag in the video, instead of say SM4LYF merch. This patriotic act from the SM Movement boss has only confirmed the type of artist and person he is. Deliberately pushing the Ghana agenda instead of the SM agenda.

Shatta Wale

Looking at comments from Ghanaians and some influential people on social media, the majority of Ghanaians are proud of him and his momentous achievement. Ghana is saying “Dear Shatta Wale, thanks for Using Ghana Flag instead of SM merch in Already video”.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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