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How Shatta’s Militants Celebrated their Boss on Social Media

Although the world experiences their very public fallout, some of the militants of Shatta Wale have since then shown their loyalty to the 4LYF Movement.

Being a big day for their former boss, here is how some of the former militants celebrated their boss on social media:

Joint 77

Joint 77 in a twitter post acknowledged Shatta Wale’s success by tweeting:

Addi Self

Addi Self who has been tagged as the Judas of their team even reached out saying: Was said and done but now they realize and see #proudson#1Don #1Queen #BeeHive x #shattamovement #eddii #BlackIsKing #EidMubarack #selfnation

Natty lee

Nattylee has also sent some kind words to his former boss tweeting:

Hardwork pays ….. big up urself Bro Keep proving them wrong

However missing in action has been Captan and AraB who are still with their boss, Shatta Wale. Despite their silence on social media, it’s expected that they may be chilling with their boss in person on this astounding win.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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