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How Shatta Wale Celebrated the Release of Already Video on Social Media

Even until now, people are still in doubt about the collaboration between Shatta wale and Beyonce. Others are still not convinced that Shatta wale met Beyonce for the video shoot even in spite of the abundant video evidence.

However, these opinions have not deterred Shatta wale from celebrating this earth-shattering achievement in his career. Celebrating this, Shattabration began with dropping a link to the youtube video:

Soon after social media caught fire, Shatta wale posted a picture of himself and Beyonce doing the SM sign of hope. He tweeted:

This image has been a viral image posted on all blogs and timelines to celebrate the artist.

Soon after that Shatta Wale posted a picture of the late Willi Roi, who was an incredible entertainment connoisseur, eulogizing him and thanking him for his foresight

then followed by retweets from major channels and people congratulating him.

He also posted a picture of himself on his throne as the King he already is while on set.

Watch full video here:

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