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Kidi explains why he did “say cheese” instead of a corona song like his colleagues did

The star of lynx entertainment, kidi, has since his introduction into the music scene been scintillating Ghanaians and his listeners around the world with hit songs and good music. One of Such good records has been Say cheese.

Unlike most artists in Ghana and around the world, kidi dropped say cheese during the time where the corona pandemic fear was heightened in Africa. As most musicians kept themselves busy with songs to educate and inform people about the corona, kidi decided to drop Say cheese.


Speaking with muse Africa, kidi explained that:

It was already sad what was happening to the world, a lot of lives were being lost, people were falling sick, I always say that I’m, not a doctor, I can go to the hospital but I’m an artist we also have a role to play in society, we have to do something to make people happy. So I felt like with everything happening, let me put out a song that people will hear and want to smile, be happy, you know that feel-good song…

Watch interview here:

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