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Wanluv Kubolor makes a shocking contribution to Wiyaala’s opinion on the media

Also being an international artist, Wanluv kubolor of the FoKN bois has also added his voice to a social media post from the lioness of Africa, Wiyaala.

To Wanlov, Wiyaala did not say anything wrong in her submissions and agrees with her completely on the fact that the Ghanaian media does not project their good works unless they expose themselves or “play the fool”.

However, Wanlov’s perceptive on nudity or exposing your nudity differs from that of Wiyaala. Expressing that:

“I have no problem with nudity or exposing myself part”

This comes as no surprise since Wanlov and his group FoKN boiz are pro lgbtq.

Watch Full interview here:

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