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Kidi Explains How Big a Deal “Say Cheese” making The Official UK Afrobeats chart is

Kidi has expressed how excited he was on hearing that say cheese made the list of the maiden edition of The Official UK Afrobeats Chart.

Speaking to Muse Africa, Kidi said

its very exciting for me personally, the whole country its good to know that our songs are crossing the borders, people are paying attention, people are streaming, people are buying… And for for artists it gives me so much joy, because it means im really working and people out there are paying attention to my music. Since sunday ive been happy…

He added that

Even though I am celebrating, as greedy as I am, I want it to keep rising into number 5, so I’m urging everyone to keep streaming, tell a friend, keep buying and you know, get the numbers up and we will climb up in the charts.

Watch full interview here:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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