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“I don’t See Nudity as a Negative thing”.- Wanlov

Wanlov has expressed his opinion on having to post nudes for attention on social media and the media.

This was born out of conversations on Wiyaala and some women or people in the industry saying that they have to expose their bodies before they get attention in the media.

To Waanlov: Nothing she said was wrong, its just that the only part ill disagree and i dont mean in no disrespect is just that i dont see nudity as a negative thing.

Expatiating that: Our so called Nude here is because of our weather here we are forced to put on clothes because Europeans were not comfortable in seeing us in our natural ways and so nudity is attractive to us because there is something more natural and its something we remember but cant really attain because of current rule.

Watch Full Interview here:

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