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Essilfie shares personal life experiences on ‘Mendada Me’ – Listen

Burgeoning Ghanaian Afro-soul singer, Essilfie returns with a contemporary Highlife single, ‘Mendada Me’.

Produced by Quist, the song touches on the doubts and insecurities of a woman in love.

Stream here: https://song.link/i/1524312644

When asked about her inspiration for the heartfelt piece which translates to ”Don’t lie to me” or ”Don’t deceive me”, Essilfie expressed,

Essilfie shares personal life experiences on 'Mendada Me' - Listen
Artwork for Mendada me

”I wrote this song by humming the melody on the beat and then later putting it in the melodies. The words came from bad past experiences as well as some of the terrible experiences of my friends. Sometimes, when music is made in the heat of the moment, we say ‘vibes’ or ‘freestyles”’.


Essilfie is a graduate from the University of Ghana where she studied Bachelor of Arts in Education.

She intends on becoming a full-time musician, with dreams of venturing into other fields like entrepreneurship, podcasting, talent scouting, voice acting, etc.

She’s a bright, versatile and experimental soul with a host of things to offer.

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