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I’m not scared, my foundation is good; Gospel Artist, Selina Boateng, Comments On her Marriage

Selina Boateng in an interview has shown a great deal of faith in the fate of her marital life.

For some years now, the women in the Ghanaian gospel fraternity haven’t had the best of luck with the marriage life. some of them experience public ugly breakups that makes them the subject of mockery or topics for discussions.

selina boateng

When asked if she feared the ominuos fate since she recently got married, Selina Boateng quickly responds that

I’m not scared my foundation is good

She advised that before people say the “i do” they have to be sure that they know the person and shares the same interest as the person or the person is fully supportive on the career path they have chosen.

Selina Boateng is confident that her marriage will stand the test of time even as she embarks on the journeys of her life and career.


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