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How Wiyaala Sparked the Media to Her Favor

The African lioness, Wiyaala, has set social media ablaze with an emotional post about a comment made by an entertainment pundit during a show.

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo who was on Ghanawebs bloggers forum passed a comment saying that when we talk about female artists in Ghana and their vibrancy, Wiyaala should be taken out since she does not serve the Ghanaian audience. Here is what he said:


Replying to this, Wiyaala angrily asked pundits to take her name out of discussions since they say she is not part. She also expressed that shes been taken out because she doesn’t want to shroud herself with all the controversies and nudity.


After the lion’s roar hit social media, pundits of various shows have had their say on the matter. Some believe Arnold had a point in what he said. Others also believe that Wiyaala has every right to complain considering how the women in the Ghanaian music industry are being treated.

Another interesting thing that has been happening since here video hit the trends is how most people are suddenly been posting Wiyaala’s works all over social media.

This of course confirms Wiyaala’s stands that until an artist shrouds herself with gimmicks, he or she will not be pushed by the media.

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