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Fuse Odg Takes A Drastic Move On A ‘Jesus Portrait’

Fuse ODG has recently posted a video that seems to have stirred up conversations on social media.

In the video, the Uk based Ghanaian musician is seen burning down a jesus portrait. With the caption:

Check my last post & Dash a flame on the flames in the comments!!

You shall know them by their Fruits.

So much damage has been done under the banner of Christianity and religion in general. If Jesus came back today, I honestly don’t think he would call himself a Christian.

It’s impossible to look at the fruits of the Catholic church and many other organised religions and conclude they are not the work of Satan himself. (Founding the slave trade, Rape, Genocide, War, Corporate Child Abuse)

However…The Beauty of the Gospel is that it’s never to late for the sinner to repent. Just remember God is a God of Justice and YOU will have to face him one day.

Black People … if we want Economic or Political revolution then we need to have a spiritual revolution first!!

Seek Ye First the Kingdom…

It’s time to truly emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. None but our selves can free our minds ✊🏿

It starts with the False Idols.

This is part of his efforts to get Africans woke about happenings and on issues that bother on black lives. Prior to this Fuse ODG made a post explaining the earlier post. Expressing:

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