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Eddie Kadi “The Voice of UK Afrobeats” Shares it All After the Maiden Airing of the official UK Afrobeats Charts

Sunday, July 26th, 2020 went down in the annals of history as a momentous day for Afrobeats, the collective representation of Africa’s rhythmic sound got its own Charts. The Top 20 weekly rundown was initiated by the curators behind Afro Nation Festivals globally and compiled by the UK’s Official Charts company into a 2-hour spectacular of which the maiden edition aired on BBC1Xtra in the UK whilst streamed worldwide on the BBC iPlayer app.

Courtesy The Official Charts UK

The chart is compiled using the UK (for now) sales and streaming data from over 9,000 outlets, incorporating physical sales, downloads, audio streams, and video streams. It was hosted by the 4 presenters who’s vibe, knowledge, and chemistry was infectious all through the show.

Muse Africa had a conversation with the lead anchor and host Bristish Congolese comedian, compare and Afro cultural Aficionado Eddie Kadi with just 4 questions: 

  1. Describe your feelings after you co-anchored the maiden edition of Official UK Afrobeat Chart show? 

“It felt like where we belong, our music being celebrated and valued at the highest level; also, on a business level. Listening back to the discussions we had on the show, demonstrated how substantial the African music scene is globally and how diverse the contributions are from different parts of the culture.”.

  1. What does the compilation represent to African music on the global stage 

“It represents value. African music has shaped global music DNA and it is about time this generation starts to make sure the world recognises that. It also allows us to push the actual consumption of our music even more so we can start competing numerically with the rest of the global genres, especially with the fact that you will recognise our sounds in most of the different genres

  1. How should African Musicians interpret Charts in their artistry? 

“Educating your audience to understand how they consume your music determines the impacts you have beyond selling out concerts and being on a mixtape. So how the artists position their music through promo and packaging will then encourage and guide their fanbase to consume it in a way that will be reflected in numbers and have more impact in the charts”

  1. What’s ahead for the show?

“This will encourage more collaboration; we want to make sure we begin to open up space for music from across the continent. So we will continue to highlight music that may not necessarily be in the top20 but is still worth highlighting. The show is there, as a platform to not only represent one region in Africa. We will be highlighting Bongo Music, Soukous, Kwato, Kizomba, Amapiano, AfroCongo etc. In hope that we encourage a more diverse consumption of our sound in the UK so it is eventually reflected in the charts. 

This can only lead to more platforms to celebrate these feats via other means!” 

Ghana’s Kidi said “Cheese and Took a picture” with his monster hit on the charts by reaching number 15 whilst the top spot as the No.1 Afrobeat song of the Week went to UK / Ghanaian collective NSG with their hot song Grandad The official UK Afrobeat charts airs weekly on Sundays on BBC1Xtra radio and can soon be heard on your local radio. 

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