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All You Missed On TXM Webinar On Pandora

Muse Africa’s musical vertical TunesXMuse (TXM) organized its first webinar focusing on Pandora: the biggest music-streaming platform in continentgal America.

The webinar brought together, industry stakeholders, musicians, and managers.

 Rapper Edem who just released Moodswings tape, which is powered by TXM together with managers of Sarkodie and Manifest alongside couple of talents, were also present.

In case you missed the conversation, these are some of the highlights you from the speaker of the day, Juan Gomez, Head of African Content at Pandora media.

All the things you missed:

  1. We have a station called ‘Ghanaian Pockets’ where we grow new Ghanaian music.

2. The streaming game is not really in favour of the artiste .

3. Pandora has on-demand listening like any other streaming platform across the world.

4. Make sure you have a distributor and also make sure you work with a media house like Muse Media – Juan Gomez on how to get your music on Pandora.

5. If you want to reach the American audience with your music, make sure you reach out to Muse Media Networks to get to.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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