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Rashley brings forth new sounds with his single ‘Ndidzasangalala’

There is a new voice emerging on the music scene, and his name is Rashley.

The Malawian singer recently released his new single “Ndidzasangalala“, accompanied with a music video, which has been making trends through social media ever since its release.

Born Happy Jumbe in Thyolo, Malawi, Rashely discovered his hidden musical talent in, 2013 when he would receive praises from his church choir.

Not later than, 2016 it was then when Rashley decided to take his music seriously kicking it to the next level.

In 2017, Rashley released his first single called, “Bodza” officially introducing himself to the music industry as a solo artist.

In 2018 he then released his second single, “Zomwe Ndimaganiza” that made a lot of noise, breaking him into the Malawian music industry.

Not long after that, Rashley was then signed to Gaffar Records, before having to shoot the music video for his song “Zomwe Ndimaganiza”, worked by award-winning video director, VJ Ken.

In 2019, Rashley then came with his third single titled, “Chiletso”, which got accepted onto Trace Africa music channel, playing for a consecutive period and featured on programs like, African Collaborations.  


Earlier this year, Rashley released his new single titled, “Ndidzasangalala”, which has been receiving overwhelming response from fans and receiving endorsements from other celebrities like Kell Kay and Fredokiss.

Rashley has now released the visuals to his new single, which had previously been premiered on Trace Africa.

Rashley is now determined more than ever to make a name for himself.

Bringing authentic sounds to the masses, his new song “Ndidzasangalala” talks about love and trust, while also having to go through hardships and insecurities.

Shot by VJ Ken and produced by Red Disc and Mascran Records, check out “Ndidzasangalala” official music video below!

Featured image: Rashley|submitted

Story by Roy Kafoteka

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