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“If you don’t like my songs don’t listen”.- Fameye

Fameye has fired back at critics who constantly tell him that his songs are funeral songs and always talks about being tired in life.

To Fameye, even though people keep saying his songs have same message or theme running through them, he specifically debunks them by listing that his songs like Okofour Kwadee, Mati, Long life, After Corona, Speed Up are all not what people say they are.

He expressed that although he is unconcerned about these opinions, he would humbly urge anyone that “If you don’t like my songs don’t listen.”

He believes his style of music is inspirational, motivational and borrows the story telling strategy which is why one might confuse them of being the same, but they are not.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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