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All Stonebwoy Songs That Has Gibberish, Putuu Is Not The First

Musical gibberish is Nonsense syllables, or just plain “garbage,” allows you to keep the music flowing, especially at times when the melody and chords are coming together really well. gibberish is also something used for holding off on lyrics.

Ghanaians and all music lovers in Ghana, especially music critics and fans of Ghanaian Reggae/ Dancehall act, Stonebwoy, have been sent into a state of confusion and ecstasy.

While some believe Stonebwoy’s Putuu is utterly trashy, others believe it’s just an element in writing which artists in spite of their caliber in the music business are allowed to use.

Although people are complaining about the type of music Putuu is and how they feel it’s below the brand and quality of music Stonebwoy has put out over the years, here is one thing most people do not know.

First of all, Putuu is not the first song of Stonebwoy that has ‘gibberish’ in them. Albeit the first major with most of the lyrics gibberish, to fanatics of Stonebwoy, they would notice that before Putuu, Stonebwoy has gibberish in some of his songs.

Let’s take a listen to Stonebwoy’s major song, which features iconic Jamaican artist Beenie man “Shuga”.

Listening to the song you clearly hear words like “skibidi bimpili pampili -ooshhh” which really means nothing in any language.

Taking it a notch higher was in his Sobolo song where the Stonebwoy used words like scampelem skimpolopom, skempele, skimpololo, skepelem pam polo polom…

Then on a large scale came Putuu, which has caused a stir in the industry:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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