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“Shatta Wale Doesn’t Have Aids, I Was Just Mocking Him”. Ponobiom

The boss of uptown energy, Ponobiom, has cleared the air about an allegation he leveled against his colleague Shatta Wale in a diss song to him.

In the song, Ponobiom was warning ladies to stay away from Shatta wale because he has HIV AIDS and once they touch him, they would have ended their lives.

When probed into this by Sammy flex, the rapper replied that:

Shatta doesn’t have Aids I was just making fun of him”

To him, like any other diss song, that was something he just said to get people mocking or a hoot at  Shatta Wale and not because he is sure he has HIV AIDS.

This goes a long way to debunk similar allegations and suspicions raised by Pope Skinny during the peak of his beef with Shatta Wale. Like Ponobiom, Pope Skinny also said emphatically that Shatta Wale was positive for AIDS.

Hopefully, Ghanaians will see that like Ponobiom, Pope Skinny was also saying it to just make a mockery of Shatta Wale and not because he really is.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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