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Ponobiom Explains Why He Said No Artist Should Perform At His Funeral

Ponobiom has expatiated on a controversial statement he made some time back about his funeral.

According to Ponobiom he didn’t say that no artist should come to his funeral, he only said that no artist should perform at his funeral because

If you die how do you perform at my funeral

This of course is sarcastically saying that he was not going to die now and all his artists may possibly die before him.

He added that even though he is unwilling to disclose his religious background, like a muslim

I’m a Muslim so ill get buried the next day, so how do you come to perform.

He sums it up by simply expressing that aside Ebony’s death concert, he has never performed at another artists funeral, stressing that:

“I don’t like it when an artists dies and an artists come to play music.”

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Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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