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Mr. Drew 56 Radio Stations’ Spin For Later, Dw3. Explained by Ghud Music

Mr. Drew’s songs have been dominating the airwaves this year.
In May 2020, 4 songs were detected in Ghud Music’s database with Live FM, Xlive Africa, and Hitz FM giving the most airplay.

In June, 5 songs of Mr. Drew were detected which included his new song, “Later”, being the 2nd most played among his detected songs in Ghud Music’s database.

Check out his songs that were detected in Ghud Music’s database in the month of June 2020.

We look forward to how July will look like for these songs.
We wish Mr. Drew and his team the best of days ahead.

Analytics is based on known works of the artiste in our Ghud Music database and not artiste’s entire catalog.

This information was collected from Ghud Music Database used in monitoring and analyzing airplay of Ghanaian record signed artistes from radio stations in all regions across Ghana.

Source: Ghudmusic

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