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Yaa Pono Sends A serious Message to His Colleagues on The Music Industry

Versatile Ghanaian Rapper, Yaa Pono, has sent out an important and thought-provoking message to his colleagues in the Ghanaian music industry.

According to Ponobiom just like he was able to produce a masterpiece, 1997, with Dr.Ray, artists can also do the same if they are able to establish a strong connection with producers of their songs. He believes that if artists are able to achieve that, the song has the backing, love, and spirit of the producer as well, which helps in the success of the song.

Dr. Ray and Ponobiom/Source:Instagram

He then encouraged artists not to just pay off producers and leave, they could also take them along for interviews too and help make theses producers feel like part of the songs as they are instead of benching them or giving them the needed credit.

Ponobiom and Dr. Ray are currently promoting one of their masterpieces “1997”. Listen here:

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