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Edem Angrily Replies Asem

The Gbevunation President, Edem, has on the weekend sent an angry message to his colleague rapper, Asem.

Addressing Asem angrily, Edem warned him to get his name out of his mouth, he also downplays Asem lyrical competence by comparing his worst rap to Asem’s best rap.

In the video which he posted with his official twitter handle, Edem added that:

While most people are applauding him for defending his turf, others believe as a rapper, he should have just hopped on a beat to prove Asem and any other who agreed with Asem otherwise.

Some also opine that Edem is only responding to Asem as a ploy to get more attention for the release of his upcoming EP, MoodSwings. Which may also explain why he didn’t get enough time to jump on a beat as others expected him to do.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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