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Meet Juan Gomez Speaker for TuneXMuse Pandora Webinar; Tuesday 21,2020

The speaker of the TuneXMuse Pandora Webinar, Juan Gomez is the Head of African content at Pandora Media with a background in photojournalism, music research, and event coordination.

Since 2010, his efforts as a music researcher, deejay and journalist have focused on the syncretistic nature shared among African music and current musical trends from the Caribbean, Latin America, and the West. Juan Gomez has worked with archival institutes in Ghana documenting the musical linage of highlife, as well as written for various music publications on the emerging Nigerian afrobeats genre, and produced features on the music scenes of Zimbabwe and Ghana.

Juan Gomez has also worked closely with US embassies as an artist and content creator for US-sponsored cultural diplomacy initiatives in Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Canada, Guatemala, Kenya, Australia, and Morocco.

As the Head of African content at Pandora Media, Juan, will be speaking on the topic: Reaching American Ears; How to Grow your music streams in the world’s biggest Music Market. This Webinar, which is a TunesXMuse initiative, is also a part of Muse Africa’s five years anniversary celebration, to expose Ghanaian musicians to the largest Streaming platform in Continental America, Pandora.

The Zoom webinar which off at exactly 6 pm on Tuesday, 21st July 2020 will host a pantheon of Ghanaian musicians, managers and others in every aspect of the music industry.

Register in advance for this webinar:


Or call 0547094698 for additional information.

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