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Edem In a Teddy Bear Affair

The VRMG boss and rapper Edem is seen in a weird love affair with a teddy bear. In the circulating GIF, Edem is seen squeezing the butt of a teddy bear and fans are worried if all is well.

Although the video (GIF) is very short, it is very abstract with no clear understanding of what the artist was trying to portray as he smooches the butt of the teddy bear.

One interesting thing about the video is the color and what it depicts. The rapper in his short interview videos on his social media hints that his yet to be released EP, Mood Swings is based on colors and from the GIF, the color PINK reflects his love side. This means that Edem is showing us his romantic side but is it the right way to show it?

watch video below:

Edem’s Mood Swings is coming out on the 24th of July with songs such as Love You, Kpo, Ghana, Efo Kojo, Chidi, and Money showing not just his versatility but the moods he was in when he was recording this project.

Pre-order the album here: https://ditto.fm/edem_moodswings

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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