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Sarkodie Calls For a Ban on One of Timaya’s Songs

The Ghanaian rap “King”, Sarkodie has on his Twitter handle made an intresting post about Timaya’s I cant kill Myslef.


According to Sarkodie “We have to ban Timaya’s song “I can’t kill my self from all Gyms”

This of course comes as a hilarious comment from Sarkodie who according to social media has recently found a new love for the gym. Timaya’s song has also been one of the most popular tunes used in memes for comic purposes portraying why anyone should easily give up because “I can’t Kill Myself.”

Sarkodie of course believes that the gym demands much discipline and perseverance which is why ‘i cant kill myself” should be banned in the gym.

Story Matilda Mensah Marfo

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