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Natty Lee Confirms Shatta Wale has Blocked him On Social Media

Former SM militant member, Natty lee has affirmed on live radio that his former boss Shatta Wale has blocked him on social media platforms.

Natty lee and Shatta Wale/Source:Instagram

According to Natty lee, in spite of the public breakup between Shatta Wale and his militant, he has on several occasions reached out to shatta Wale but has had no response from him. He revealed that:

“I think he has blocked me on WhatsApp because when I sent him a message, he never replied and I can’t even see his profile. But I’m not surprised because, before that, he blocked me on Facebook.”

This of course came as a surprise to the pundits and host on Showbiz Agenda as they all tried to prove if Shatta Wale had really blocked Natty Lee on social media. This means that Shatta Wale really has cut ties with his Militants.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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