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“My Biggest Earning Hit was After the Label”.-Eazzy

The former signee of Lynx Entertainment and the Wengeze hitmaker, Eazzy, has rebutted the opinion that artists who leave the Lynx record label are unable to make it.


During a Question and Answer segment with her fans on twitter, Eazzy answered a fan who asked :

“@Eazzyfirstlady there is a perception that any artistes that leave Lynx Entertainment label, don’t do so well in the music business. Do you in any way agree with this perception?”

To this Eazzy replied that “My biggest Earning hit was after the label.”

But aside from this revelation by Eazzy, it seems after leaving Lynx, Eazzy hasn’t really had a monster hit like she uses to have under the record label.

Away from Eazzy, other artists like MzVee, Asem, Ziggy, and OJ Blaq haven’t had a successful career since their departure from the label hence the speculations.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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