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I knew nothing about the $600 Dollars; Bullet Debunks

Not long ago, it could be recalled that Bullet of Rufftowns run to social media with a call for justice on a supposed misdeed done him.

According to bullet:

In 2015, Theophilus Baah, a brother of my former partner Akhan, who happened to be the manager of my defunct group Ruff n Smooth, comprising of myself and Ahkan informed me about a movie company in America who has shown interest in using our song as their movie soundtrack.
To make my story short, i just found out the movie is out and our song been used without my permission nor me seeing any legal contract and a huge sum of money being taken by my former partner’s brother.
I feel so disrespected and cheated, two people cannot create music for one party to silently sell the music and take the money without the knowledge of the other.
I need HELP, i want Justice maybe social media can help me.


Following these allegations, Ahkan, who is the former groupmate of Bullet explained that contrary to what Bullet has been spweing out on social media, he was very aware of the monies received in that business which was %600 dollars. He also expressed his disappointment in Bullet for such a public outburst over just $600 dollars.

Bullet upon hearing these from Ahkan also took to the same platforms to defend himself. According to Bullet, Ahkan has picked up a bad habit of telling lies because “I knew nothing about the money, if Ahkan says I knew something about the money, he’s lying” bullet stressed.

Bullet however admitted that he had an idea of the deal but not when it was been signed and knows absolutely nothing about the money involved.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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