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Natty Lee Speaks on His Music Video Still on Shatta Wale’s Youtube Channel

The former member of the famous Militant, Natty lee has on an interview spoken about the success of one of his biggest songs on Shatta Wale’s Youtube Channel.

According to Natty Lee, one of his biggest songs which is Olympics, has amassed over 200k views on Shatta Wale’s Youtube page, yet in spite of the current misunderstanding between him and Shatta Wale, he is unable to move it to his personal page.

To him, although the video has done so well, he hasn’t made much revenue from it mostly because that was not the intention of putting the song on there. He only saw it as being offered a bigger platform to push his content.

He however says he’s focused on building his new personal page to host all of his songs going forward.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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