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Yaw Grey Reveals his True Intention For Not Postponing His Upcoming Album In spite of Covid-19

Rapper Yaw Grey has on a media tour for his upcoming Afrocan album, revealed his true intentions for going on to drop the album in spite of the presence of COVID-19.

According to Yaw Grey, despite the cancellation and postponement of huge projects and albums like Shatta Wale has done for his Gift Of God album, He is resilient about dropping his album.

Yaw Grey/Source:instagram

When asked why hes unwilling to postpone his as a result of the massive pressure in town, the rapper commented

my plan is to see how far my songs can go in these times”

To Yaw Grey his Afrocan Album is a complete eveidence and verification of his growth in the industry and a rectification of the mistake he did all these years in the industry.

To him, dropping an album now and replying on the internet and digital stores to sell them will be a way of marking himself as an artist and his growth.

Here is more about the album: Reggie Rockstone Blesses Rapper Yaw Grey’s Upcoming AfroCan Album

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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