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What Yaw Grey Said about Asem’s Founder Flow is Respect

Ghanaian Rapper, Yaw Grey, has shared his opinion on the viral freestyle video his colleague, Asem has posted.

According to Yaw Grey, contrary to what social media has been saying about Asem and his lyrical attacks on people, he Yaw Grey believes that instead of the media and the industry insulting him and calling him sick, they rather

“the industry should give Asem some respect.”

He believes Asem is still a rapper worth his salt and should not be taken lightly or as a joke in spite of what ever may be going on with him on social media.

Yaw Grey finally added that “to me, Asem never fell..he is still in the game.

Rapper, Yaw Grey, is currently on a tour promoting his upcoming AfroCan album that drops on the 25th of July 2020.


Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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