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To Yaw Grey, Here Is Why Older Ghanaian Musicians Don’t Raise Younger Once for the Industry

Ghanaian Rapper Yaw Grey in an interview on Zylofon FM has shared his thoughts on why the older generation of musicians do not introduce and push young talents as the Nigerians do.

Yaw Grey/Source:Instagram

According to Yaw Grey, Nigerians have had years of experience in the music game as compared to Ghanaians and know how to make it in other aspects of the music business in spite of not being in the limelight. Ghanaians, on the other hand, are still pretty new to this whole music business and are still finding a way around it. which is why the older generation would want to make a by force comeback instead of bringing fresh blood to compete in the race with their new style and energy.

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He added that Ghanaians simply do not like sharing, especially the limelight and success, and would rather keep and push themselves instead of others.

Yaw Grey is currently promoting his upcoming Album in spite of being away from the music industry for a long time. Here is more about the Album:

Rapper Yaw Grey Announces his Upcoming “AfroCan” Album

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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