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Manifest Comments On Asem’s Founders Flow

Asem has on the weekend dropped a freestyle video to adress Sarkodie’s CEO Flow and take shots at other favorite Ghanaian rap artists.


In the video, Asem took a shot at Manifest saying that

“Manifest will confess and profess that i am the best yet…”

This of course disproves and disagrees with Manifest labeling himslef as the best rapper. Asem believes they are all his kids in the rap game.

Manifest has also in a tweet commented on Asem’s video saying

“Asem vs errrrybody”

Though Manifest’s tweet seems harmless, it also highlights on the severity of Asem social media rants for months now and his need to attack ‘everybody’ now since he wasn’t getting the necessary attention from his jabs.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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