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Actor Kwaku Manu Sends Words Out to Colleagues Funny Face and Liwin

One show that made the weekend eventful and vibrant for Ghanaians and especially movie lovers was UTV’s United Showbiz.

In the latest episode, two rivals in the Ghanaian and comic acting industry, Funny face and Liwin had a vociferous clash on the show. Though some people were excited about the turn of events at the end of the show, others were extremely disappointed at both artists and their mode of conduct on the show.

Liwin and Funny Face/Source:Instagram/@utv

After their reconciliation at the end of the show, Kwaku Manu who is a friend and colleague to both actors in his official Instagram sent a message to them saying that he was going to personally beat any of them who sparks up this misunderstanding after the reconciliation.

He addressed them in a video saying:

This video also in a way confirms rumours of the tumultuous event been staged by the two actors for traffic. The incident has sparked a lot on conversations on the internet and in the Ghanaian media space.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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