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“People Outside Take Care of Us” Ajeezay Reveals How some GH Comedians Survive

Although the creative arts industry fetches people in it millions of dollars around the world, some artists have still not had the chance to taste the success that comes with creativity.


In Ghana, for instance, there are some artists who have been doing their work for many years but with nothing to show for it. In the comedy industry, there are many incredible talents in there but with few resources to push them to be patronized by the majority of Ghanaians for success.

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Nonfa King, Ajeezay, in an interview with Sammy flex recounts some sad experiences in his journey as a comedian. Although Ajeezay has attained some form of popularity in Ghana, it seems he is still not out of the woods when it comes to financial liberation. When asked how he’s able to fend for himself and his business, Ajeezay replied that “people outside take care of us.”


This of course confirms how little some of these comedians make out of their career. Ghanaians are therefore beseeched to take a closer look at their hilarious comedians and support them in all they do by buying tickets to their shows and supporting them as much as they can.


Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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