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Ajeezay Narrates How He Moved From GHS1000 Salary to GHS180 Salary

Hilarious comedian, artist, and skit developer, Nathaniel Mensah aka Ajeezay (Nonfa King) has shared sad stories of his past struggles. The wordplay comedy KingKong spoke at length as to how he worked from one private school and got sacked after a year until he ended up exhausting all available options.

According to the comedian, the next step was to settle for a GHC180.00 salary in a certain school owned by his church right after the previous job that had fetched him GHC1000.00.

The former teacher who had always prioritized his learners’ plight ahead of his revealed how he was unperturbed about the peanut salaries he received from the various institutions he worked with.


He always had the zeal to impart unto the younger generation no matter how underpaid he was. He was just interested in sharing his First Class experience from the University of Cape Coast with his learners.


The talented comedian further shared the wonderful moments he had with his students back in the day and how the pupils were always all over him.


Watch the interview below:

Source: Ghanashowbiz

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