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“Doing Music is also As Important as being a lawyer, a politician and a Doctor”.- Freda Rhymz

One of Ghana’s finest female rappers, Freda Rhymz, has made an interesting comment about how Ghanaians perceive her field of work, Music.

Freda Rhymz/Source:Instagram

When asked in an interview with Muse Africa which one Education she would send the Ghanaians if she could, the vibrant Rapper replied that “Doing Music is also As Important as being a lawyer, a politician, and a Doctor”.

According to Freda Rhymz, “I will encourage or urge people to take the creative arts or creative industry seriously because music equally pays as a lawyer and even sometimes way more than lawyers. Music is a strong tool to share information, to teach people, generations, and all that. I will encourage people to see it as such.

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This of course reveals some of the perceptions people have about the creative industry both in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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