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DJ Wyse drops Dadaba with Joe Deevans

Ghanaian DJ, house music producer and DJ Awards winner, DJ Wyse returns with a brand new single titled ‘Dadaba’ featuring Joe Deevans.

DJ Wyse drops Dadaba with Joe Deevans
Artwork for Dadaba || Courtesy Publicist of Wyse Music

“Dadaba” has DJ Wyse written all over the song with his singing style plus the danceable lines.

The exuberant vocals amps you up, aligning with the energetic production from engineer Monsta.


DJ Wyse has not let the lockdown affect his productivity as fans have already described it as a hit.

They are convinced it is going to be a hit as the two artists are very talented with whatever they touch being magical.

Out now on the DJ’s very-own Wyse music label, ‘Dadaba’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

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