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Top 5 Scandals That Hit The Ghanaian Music Industry. Which Artists Made Our List?

In the past five years, there has been a lot of music and musicians released into the Ghanaian music industry.

With the surge in numbers and activities of these musicians came other activities that could be termed as scandalous; It existential or natural.

However, here are the top 5 scandals that have rocked the Ghanaian music industry in the last 5 years.

shatta Wale/ Courtesy Instagram

First is the viral Snapchat video of Ghana’s dancehall king, Shatta Wale. In this video, there was a woman having sexual relations with two gentlemen with one alleged to be Shatta Wale. This video of course set social media on fire even though it was deleted shortly after it was posted on the official Snap Chat handle of Shatta Wale.

Bullet and Wendy Shay/ Source Instagram

Next Story was the viral audio of Bullet and Wendy Shay. Soon after the boss of Rufftown records, Bullet introduced his new artists to the world, the industry was hit with a viral audio tape alleged to be from the girlfriend of Bullet when she caught him with Wendy Shay together in a compromising situation.

Although the label passed it off as a teaser for an upcoming project titled the boy is mine, some Ghanaians believe there was really some fire in that smoke. To date rumors of Bullet and Wendy Shay having an intimate relationship still hovers.

Stonebwoy and Bulldog/ Source: Instagram

Also making the list is Stonebwoy – Bulldog – Champs bar shooting saga. Aside from their recent misunderstanding on social media about a comment, Stonebwoy made about artist managers, Stonebwoy and Bulldog have a rich history which traces back to when Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale were signed to Zylofon music.

It all happened when Stonebwoy at an event at Champs Bar for his then signee Kelyvn boy, had to give some warning shots when Bulldog decided to go take a car Stonebwoy had received as part of his deal with Zylofon music.

When the viral video hit the internet, Bulldog debunked that he wasn’t going to seize the car but to take it for maintenance.  

Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy/Source: Instagram

So for those who do not know, Bulldog is not the only member of the SM4LYf family who forced Stonebwoy to pull a gun. It could also be recalled that during to 2019 VGMA these was a tumultuous clash between Shatta Wale and his team and Stone and his team.

This incident according to shatta Wale was him trying to congratulate Stonebwoy for winning reggae artist of the year, and how his action was misinterpreted as an attack on his competitor, Stonebwoy.

This incident marred the beauty of the 2019 VGMA which resulted in no artist of the year and the two been banned from the scheme.

kelyvn boy and Kekeli/ Source : Instagram

Last on our list is the very recent Kelyvn boy Ashaiman incident. It could be recalled that not long ago, Kelyvn boy was attacked by a gentle whom people said was a bodyguard of his former boss Stonebwoy at an event at Ashaiman.

This incident what broke the internet had Kelvyn boy being physically attacked by Kekeli at the new Electroland branch at Ashaiman.

Though there has been a lot of scandalous incidents in the past five years, these made our top 5 list. Share yours with us.

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