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“You Can’t say Sista Afia is Bigger than Me.” – Freda Rhymz

It could be recalled that about a month ago some females in the Ghanaian music industry were involved in a lyrical beef and somewhat physical attacks just to prove that they reign in the rap game. Noticeable among the list was Freda Rhymz.

Freda Rhymz/ Source:Instagram

In an interview on Sammy flex TV about the lyrical beef and the tumultuous outburst in public, the Young Mission signed act, Freda Rhymz quickly jumped to correct a pundit who claimed Sista Afia is bigger than her.

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During the show, Kwame Dadzie of Citifm opined that Sista Afia is bigger than Freda Rhymz with regards to hit songs and popularity.

Freda Rhymz replied to the pundit that he should not say that since he (Kwame Dadzie) does not know what she goes through before doing her music.

Freda Rhymz also mentioned that She is on her level and she feels everyone is on their level too.


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