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Freda Rhymz Reveals 3 Things Said During the Beef Which Hurt Her

During lyrical beef, artists are expected to come in armored up lyrically, physically, psychologically, and most importantly, emotionally.

Anything said in the heat of the beef goes a long way to affect the artists involved, although shades intensify the thrill for the fans. Most fans expect the artists to dissociate their emotions from the work they do, however, if Freda Rhymz Vs Sista Afia, Shatta Wale Vs Stonebwoy reactions to beef, is anything to go by, then it means it’s extremely emotional.

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Freda Rhymz in an interview on Sammy flex tV has revealed that during her beef with Sista Afia and Eno Barony, these were the three things said that pained her:

  1. “Them saying my ass is small.” Sista Afia in her You Got Nerves hardcore rap jabbed Saachick ( Freda Rhymz) for having an ass the size of a Vodafone sim card.

2. “They said I borrow things” The second thing that of course stirred up conversations about Freda Rhymz during the beef era was an insinuation in Sista Afia’s aforementioned song that Freda Rhymz was borrowing stuff to look good. Replying to these allegations Freda dropped Point of Correction.

3. “When they said My team fucks me.” This verse from Sista Afia clearly got Freda Rhymz clarifying things in her Point of Correction saying “the only thing I’m Fucking is Amazing”. Freda also retaliates by insinuating that Sista Afia was also being humped by her godfather. This reply in her song obviously contributed to their public display of anger at TV3.

The wrap it all up Freda Rhymz dropped her Public Opinion to shush all opinions about her style and career.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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