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Yemi Alade Talks Everything BOYZ with Muse Africa

Johnny, Bounce, and Oh My God hitmaker, Yemi Alade, after releasing her Shekere song with Angelique Kidjo has rocked Africa with a new one titled BOYZ.

The energetic song which comes with a stunning video to compliment it completely embodies “art”. From dance, aesthetic view, direction, lyrical content, and especially the costumes.

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Speaking to Muse Africa on the creation of the video, Yemi Alade revealed that it was shot before corona coupled with its restrictions in Nigeria narrating:

Yemi Alade/Source;Instagram

“I’m so grateful we got to shoot it before this whole Corona thing, we didn’t have to experience all those restrictions.”

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She added that she had so much fun shooting the video with all the Boyz but her personal favorite was ” the scene where the boys had their hands coming out through walls, I love that one it’s very artsy. Then followed by when we were dancing with all the dancers.”

Another thing that could not be missed is the fact that the queen of Ankara was not in anything African print in the entire video.

Yemi Alade/Source:YouTube

Touching on that she responded that “Because as you see me like this I’m already African from head to toe. Drenched in African melanin, the smile African, the eye African, the hair African, the name alone: Yemi Alade.” she stated.

she concluded that in the future there could be videos where Yemi Alade might not necessarily have to wear Ankara. But I guess its arts and I’m just living my life, I’m just living, where ever I go the culture finds a way to follow me. it’s all good there is still flavor, I don’t want you people to get tired so I have to mix it up.”


Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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