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Yemi Alade Speaks On her Quest for a Grammy

Since the era of Johnny, Yemi Alade’s career has experienced an exponential growth, making her one of the fiercest female artists in Africa.

Yemi Alade/Source:Youtube

The artistic musician with her mellifluous voice has won countless awards and sold out arenas; not forgetting the countless awards she has won since Johnny.

Though content with all her achievements, one other award she is still in the quest to complete her collection has been the Grammy. It could be recalled that the musician submitted her woman of steel album for the grammy but was not nominated.

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Touching on the topic with Muse Africa, Yemi Alade expressed that ” even though the album I was on with Beyonce was nominated for the Grammy, I can’t wait to actually be nominated in a category as an individual artist and actually win. I think that will be great.”


Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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