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Shatta Tuesday Market! Genius or What? A Tilly Akua Nipaa Story

Artists- fan base relationship has in most cases benefitted the artists more as compared to what the fans make out of such relations.

Aside providing fans with good music and entertainment, artist derive their income, wealth, their business, fame, numbers, influence, relevance, brand expansion from their fans. By constantly talking about their favorite artists, streaming their songs, recruiting people to join their fanbase, starting conversations about artist on social media, fans help sustain big brands without being aware of it.

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Which is why artists who don’t respect their fans quickly disappear with the wind. Some artists constantly show their love and appreciation to these loyal fans with an annual concert like Ashaiman to the world, Reign Concert etc. others of course donate to some fans and the common one which is to share airtime or money on social media.

Shatta Wale’s Tuesday Market initiative takes this conversation to a whole new level. Setting a day aside to help promote the businesses of his fans.

Retweeting or posting an image of a product and calling his fans to buy is one of the ways Shatta can say thank you or put money back into the pockets that ensure that he has money in his.

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Business and money for your fans means money to stream your songs, money for data to come online to talk about you, also means money for tickets to your concert. So really if you look it at, it’s still the artist benefitting indirectly.

It however does not negate how kind and how much Shatta Movement means to Shatta Wale.


Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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