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Rapper Yaw Grey Announces his Upcoming “AfroCan” Album

The former Mobile boiz member and the creator of “Tap out” has announced his upcoming album.

The body of work which he has labeled “AfroCan” drops in July. The Rapper is particularly excited about this album since it completely highlights his growth as an artist from the Mobile boiz era to the current Yaw Grey.

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AfroCan is an 11 track album that together communicates that he, Yaw Grey “believes it’s only 1 race that can have Afro on and that is the African, that the black race. If other races can really do big and explore, I believe we can as Africans. And I believe as a young man or young lady from Africa, we can sell Africa in the African way, in the African voice, and this album is put together to really sell Africa through music, with the passion.”

Fix AfroCan in your calendar and stream on all digital platforms once it hit the stores.


Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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