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Koo Ntakra Asks For the Game To Be Opened With Gbelemi

The popular Akuapem kid star Koo Ntakra has bounced back with a new banger titled Gbelemi.

Koo Ntakra/Source: Instagram/@koontakra

For those who speak the Ghanaian language Ga, they would understand that the word Gbelemi is a ga word which means “open it”. Muse Africa in an interview with Koo Ntakra asked him why the title “Gbelemi”? The young rapper replied that “the rap game needs to be opened up for people to enter.”

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When asked if something is blocking him from reaching the next stage of his career, hence Gbelemi? He replied that “Nothing is blocking Koo Ntakra, but the thing is, the game is choked, so for people to see what you’re doing, they have to open it.”

Koo Ntaktra/ Source: Instagram/@koontakra

He finally stated that with the fire he is bringing into the music game, the media and those who have entrenched some positions in the music game will have no option but to open it up.

Though Koo Ntakra is known for rap, Gbelemi is a danceable tune with a colorful video to drive the song. Listen to Gbelemi here:


Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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