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Has Africa understood the message of Yemi Alade and Angelique Kidjo’s Shekere?

The grammy-winning Africa songstress, Angelique Kidjo, has blessed her mentee, Yemi Alade with a verse on Yemi’s Shekere tune.

Yemi Alade and Angelique Kidjo/Source:Instagram

Now, as most people are applauding their chemistry, musical bravado, the aesthetic beauty and the Africanism of the song and its video, are they also understanding the message of the song or the depth of the message being communicated by these two iconic musicians?

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Responding to this in an interview with Muse Africa, Yemi Alade responded that ” the beautiful thing is that, music is art. The music video is also art, so everyone has his interpretation of what the video means to them. But in particular, you can not miss the fact that it celebrates Africa in every way, from costume, the scenery, the lyrics of the song, the attitude the finesse; everything celebrates Africa. That’s what im so thankful for, everyone appreciates.”

Watch the full video below:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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